Mustang 50th Birthday Celebration

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Apr 16, 2014 - Apr 20, 2014

The Mustang 50th Birthday Celebrations will be held in two of the most prestigious racetracks in our great country; the Charlotte Motor Speedway and the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Both of these great racetracks have extensive ties to the Mustang Nation and are in locations that will allow a magnitude of Mustang enthusiasts from all over the world to be able to come and enjoy the Mustang 50th festivities. Plus, they both have all of the amenities necessary for an event of the Mustang 50th's stature. Remember, no matter how you look at it, this is the Mustang 50th and there will not be another Mustang event of this caliper until the Mustang 100th in 2064!

We are also proud that we were able to work closely with both racetracks and secure rental rates that will allow us to be able to plan and host a very memorable Mustang 50th Birthday Celebration while keeping the entry fees and Special Events fees at very reasonable rates. This is especially true since this will be a 5 day event, with sponsors, Pony Drives, and many early birds who don't want to miss a thing arriving on Wednesday, April 16th and not leaving until the last day on Sunday the 20th. No Friday, Saturday and Sunday show here! You will miss a lot if you don't come for Opening Ceremonies on Thursday, April 17th, the Mustang's actual birthday. Too long of an event? Don't worry. We will have something for you to do all the while you're at the Mustang 50th Birthday Celebration!

We encourage each of you to plan to come and enjoy every facet of the Mustang 50th Birthday Celebration with us. Don't stay home and wish later that you had attended. There will be no second chance. A Mustang event like this will not happen again in most of our lifetimes. To put that statement into perspective, the 15 year olds who attend the Mustang 50th will be 65 years old for the Mustang 100th. Many of them may very well be there for the 100th. But, most of us won't.

In closing, those of us who have taken on the task of bringing this event to life ask that you remember that we are doing it because we are Mustang enthusiasts and are dedicated to making sure that the Mustang 50th Mustang Celebration is the greatest Mustang event there has ever been. And, that it is the greatest Mustang event that there will be for many years to come. With that said, we all hope that every Mustang owner and enthusiast will proudly come and spend time with us enjoying our Ford Mustangs! We look forward to seeing you there.

Registration Deadline: Midnight 03/31/2014
Deadline: 03/31/2014