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about us

Motosho is the new online destination for auto enthusiasts. Motosho is for everyone who loves classic cars – including individual enthusiasts, car clubs, and trusted vendors. Find a car club, register for an event, or showcase your own car club with Motosho.

Motosho is the brainchild of Wayne Campbell and Michael King. Both have been automotive collectors and enthusiasts for more than 20 years. After watching car clubs struggle with managing events, membership, and administration, they created Motosho to streamline and strengthen the online car club community. Motosho is designed to bring the car show experience online, giving car enthusiasts a place to check out cars and connect with each other between shows.

About Wayne

The son of a former Ford mechanic, Wayne grew up in the backyard garage with his father working on old cars. First assisting in small repair jobs, he sought to watch and learn — the first real automotive project would be a lesson in scratch building a 50’s style hot rod, a lifelong dream of his father’s. The second project would be his first car, a 1968 Ford Mustang purchased for $600 as a “basket case.” Throughout college and afterwards, he continued to pursue that passion. “It pretty much became a lifestyle — instead of hanging out at a ball game for the weekend, I would head to a swap meet, on a Saturday night drive down for an ice cream at the local cruise-in and walk the rows of cars. They’re really moving works of art, each one unique and different. My wife and I even got married in a car my father and I built — a 1933 Chevrolet two door sedan!”

About Michael

Michael also grew up, like many classic car owners, with an appreciation for engineering and a desire to work on his own automobiles. While his interests in engineering ultimately led him to pursue a career in computer science, Motosho has given him the opportunity to combine two interests and gain a greater appreciation for car collecting.